This was in 6th grade, I don't remember much, but I will try. I was in a corner by myself reading a horror story. Then something caught my eye, in front of me was the same shadow from 3rd grade, but this time it had red eyes and I heard a slight growl. I froze in fear as it came closer but all of a sudden, it disappeared. I was confused but again thought nothing of it until later that night I heard scratching at my door thinking it was my cat I went to the door and opened it. Nothing was there but I got a cold shiver up my spine. I quickly shut the door and covered myself in the blanket. I heard the scratching again but I didnt move. A few months later around Halloween, I looked outside and there it was standing there staring at me. It still had its red eyes but the left horn was broken and it had this creepy blank smile.

Story is told by SleeplessQueen27


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I'll try to describe the demon the best I can. The last time I caught I glimpse of it was about a year ago. It had black skin, left horn broken, red glowing eyes, claws like knives, and wearing a dark blue torn up cloak


I need moar demon description for researching purpose ?