The White String is a Japanese Urban Legend. There was This Girl let's Call her Yuki. Yuki Always wanted to get her ears pierced She would always ask her parents. But they would reply with "No you're too young. " But one Day Yuki came home from School and pleaded "Mom, Dad my classmate got her Ears pierced Can I please get my Ears pierced?" Her Mom gave her the money to get her ears pierced by a professional. Yuki kept the money for herself and went to her friends house the next day. Her Friend flamed a needle and stuck it through her Ear. It was painful but worth it. The next Day at school Yuki's ear was extremely itchy so she asked the teacher for a bathroom break. When she made it to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.Her ear was Inflamed and there was a white string hanging from her ear. Yuki kept on plucking on the string. The string had no end so she got a Pair of scissors and cut the String.Then everything Faded to black.A Teacher found her. Yuki was rushed to the Emergency Room. The Doctor asked her what Happened to Her.Yuki explained everything. The Doctor said That she Would be Blind for the rest of Her life. it turns out that the white string She cut was her optic nerve. The kids in Japan are afraid to Get their Ears pierced Because of this Urban Legend

Story is told by Fnafy