It was 3 AM. I sat up in ym bed to pet my cat. I was petting him for about 5 minutes. It was 4 AM. My cat itched his neck, Stopped and started at the roof. I scracthed his neck thinking it was itching, Nope. He started. His eyes where wide as if he was hunting a mouse. His tail flicked saying he was annoyed.. I didnt annoy him one bit. His head moved to the side, Looking at the roof corner. I assumed he seen a ghost. Cats can see stuff humans cant. His head moved again! He was stiff. He looked at the door. Then he layed down as if the ghost went away. I rubbed him a bit and fell sleep. I still think it was a ghost. ( I didnt have time to put 100 more letters.. Sorry )

Story is told by LilMissTux


Bro why is the rating -6? I know its bad but still ;`;..


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