I have been having so much trouble sleeping that I don't remember the last good night of sleep I've even had, or that last time I didn't see him... It started with voices. I would start to sleep and I would hear them, whispers and muffled conversation between women. Then came the footsteps, then came the frolicking. The sound of a very large man running through the house straight towards my bed. At first I couldn't see anything around me, just the wall I was facing. It was as if I had sleep paralysis, but the colors were off and my eyes were closed. My imagination filling in for what my ears could hear but my eyes couldn't see. I hear him getting closer and closer. thinking I'm awake I try to move but can't. I pull myself out of sleep just before he gets to me. But that was then... Now I lay awake at night eyes wide open and unable to move. The imagined images now where near as horrible as what I really see. Women dancing in my room, snakes climbing up my walls, and him, the large man in my doorway. It was so scary at first but now I know They're here to help me. The man talks to me. He told me the voices I've been hearing aren't the women but my family, talking about how "crazy" I am. He said they want to send me away and to hurt me. He wants to keep me safe, safe from those monsters, the real monsters... my family. He said the only way to stop them was to burn them in their sleep. So tonight when they sleep I will strike the match and rid the world of their evil because he told me to, he cares.

Story is told by Randy

panic room

awesome ?


Amazing ? But I'm same time I'm waiting for ending like this