When I came home from school, I saw a doll lying on my bed. I thought it was my sister's and got onto her about it. She said it wasn't her's, but I didn't believe her. When it was dinner time, my sister brought the doll to the table, I told her she lied about the doll. She said she found it in the hallway next to my bedroom door. I told her to just throw it away and don't pick it up again. I woke up in the middle of the night, at about 2:20 or 2:30. I saw the doll next to me. I was about through with this doll. I threw it in the recycling bin, because the trash and recycling men we're coming tomorrow. I was thinking in my mind while walking back to the front door, about how the doll got there. I couldn't blame my sister anymore, because she already said she didn't do it. The next morning, I didn't see the doll. I though it was finally gone. 3 Months Later: It was a week before Halloween, and I was told the get the decorations out of the basement. I took a box out and opened it. It was the most horrifying sight in my life. It was the doll. I ripped the doll and cut it and shredded it. It was finally gone I thought. One Year Later: We were going to move out of the house now because of what I saw and told my mom about it. Our new house was huge and my mom also bought a ghost monitor. We set up the monitor and we went to bed. I never experienced anything that night. In the morning, we looked at the monitor. We saw nothing for maybe 3 hours, and then the doll fell over with it's eyes as black as the night. We got so scared that my mom knocked the monitor over and it broke. We decided to call a ghost inspector that day. He came over and used his ghost monitor. He tracked what the doll said. It said it wanted to murder everyone in my family, with us being the first. The ghost inspector suggested that we should call an exorcist. We did the recommendation and he did his thing. The doll was no longer possessed. 5 Months Later: We are now living normal lives just like we should. No doll or anything. We are still very cautious today and we don't ever want anything like that to happen again. Hello! Thank you for reading, and as a fact, this story was true! Be cautious about dolls and stay very careful. Byee! (:

Story is told by Hilo Hilo

S L. K

other than that, it was a cute story ?

S L. K

U mOved into a WHOLE nother hOuse, cuz of a doll ??? ?-hmmm, unexceptable !!! lol

Minecraft dragon



good start


You probably shouldn't have ripped it apart. It either angers the demon, or worse. You set it free. Any possessed or cursed object should never be broken. It should be disposed of properly after an exorcism is performed on it.

unicorn pooped rainbows

it was so weird but I liked it


the ghost isnt in the doll that means it out of the doll maybe in your house


I'm scared because my sister has got weary many doll's. And if it true I think of now I don't wanna sleep.


don't believe it


6, coz it's need some more really scary moments. And overall, story is more like fantasy, not a horror

Hilo Hilo

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