This is not copyrighted I wrote this myself One night a 16 year old girl named Madison got a call from a random she remembered that her mom hates it when she talks to random people but she didn't listen,but she answered it anyways Madison:hello Stranger:Is this Madison that I'm talking to Madison:Umm..yeah,who are you Stranger:Don't you remember me Madison:No Stranger:Ohh yeah that's right you knew my brother Alex Madison: Yes Stranger:Yeah the guy who you killed with your ****ING CAR!! Madison:WHAT DO YOU WANT!! Stranger:Nothing much I just wanna have fun,and looks like you're home alone Madison:How do you know that Stranger:Look out the window **** Madison:WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS IT WAS AN ACCIDENT IM SORRY!! Stranger:SORRY ISN'T GONNA BRING HIM BACK!! Stranger:Well good thing I'm inside now what game do you want to play Madison:I ALREADY CALLED THE COPS, THEY'LL BE HERE IN 5 MINUTES Stranger:I found the perfect game how bout Hide And Seek,I'll be the seeker 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ready or not here I come Madison:*Runs into closet* Stranger:I'm coming up the stairs Stranger:I'm at you're door Stranger:Why don't you open the door you don't lock doors in hide and seek,well looks like I'll just break it down Madison:*Breathing Heavily* Stranger:Maybe your under your BED!,Maybe in your Closet. Stranger:*Walks towards closet laughing* Stranger:*opens closet door* I found you Madison:AHHHHHHHHHH! When police arrived Madison was no where to be seen she could still be alive but torchered by a broken soul

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


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My brain shut down this was all I could think of


I thought it's too simple story for you ? You can do much better