One night I woke up by some weird scratching sounds. At first, I thought it was maybe just my dad coming back from work. Then, I heard some groaning sounds. I got out from bed, walked to my door in the kitchen, and realized my father was asleep in our office. So, I realized it would be safer to inform my father than to open the door and go face to face with whatever I find. My dad got up instantly when I woke him up. "I forgot to introduce you to Natase," said my father. I wondered what he is even talking about. He went on, "His name reminds me of Satan. But who cares, right? He has some sort of disease, I think. I adopted him. What do you think?" He opened the door, showing a scrawny looking boy with white clothes. (Disclaimer: This story is completely real, but some parts may be a little exaggerated) The boy groaned and blood trickled down the corner of his mouth. "What... disease does he have...?" I was a little scared, to be honest. No disease would be so horrifying after all. "He can't live with us", I said afterwards. "Why?" was the last word my father said that night. He went inside and sat back down on his office chair. The computer was on, showing news from some sort of shooting in the U.S. or something. I closed the door, leaving Natase (Satan) outside. I went back to bed, but I couldn't sleep. Suddenly, I heard a scratching sound. The scratching came from my window, facing our yard. I peaked to see what was there. The boy (Satan) was standing in the grass facing the window. His white pajama thing he was wearing was splattered with blood. I hurried to my parents' room to wake my mother up, but she was sitting on her bed, holding a candle. "There is a weird boy (Satan) in our yard..." I said. "Dont worry. He's new to our family", said my mother. Freaked out, I ran to my room to see blood covering my carpet. I saw a ripped off arm on the ground, some dark-red flesh and a cut off hand. I screamed and ran to my living room, panting as I was, trembling from fear of what would become of me. I waited there for an hour, hiding behind a couch. My piano was a few arm-lenghts away from me, and seeing it, I relaxed. What a pleasure would it be to play the piano instead of fearing what my father brought for us. But no. I went back to my room to see the unmoving body of Natase (Satan) on the floor. Suddenly, the body convulsed, letting out dark-red blood run freely from some cuts. His head fell off and more of the red liquid flowed. I was frozen to the spot, fearing my life. Out of nowhere, the remaining body wiggled into my face and hit me to the ground_ (Cliff Hanger) You imagine what happened next :)

Story is told by DeathStar777


Some sort of cannibalism or he can join your body by force you to drinking his blood ?


What do you guys think happened next???