This is a true story, you may or may not believe me but this happened. A lot of this scared me half to death. But some people may say that it was faked but I assure you it wasn't. This demon has followed me since 3rd Grade. I'll tell you the story and I'll see if anything happens in the near future and I'll keep you all updated. Also for safety reasons I'm going to change peoples names. I was in a small group of 5, 3 girls and 2 boys. I was bored so I started to look around and when I looked behind one of the boys I saw a shadow of a head with horns and a pentagram on its forehead. My face turn white. The boy asked me if I was okay. I hesitantly shook my head,"N-no." One of the girl asked me what was wrong. "I-I think I just saw a demon." Alex chuckles, and mockingly said,"Oh yeah I saw it too" I took a deep breath and said,"Then, where is it?" Alex looked surprised that I was questioning him,"Uhm...uh.. its by the bookcase." I shook my head,"No Alex.. its behind you." Everyone in the group looked behind Alex. Kale looked at me like I was crazy, Jenny chuckled nervously, Alex's face turned white, Lucy sighed in disbelief, and Tevor said,"There is nothing there, don't scare us like that." I gasped,"Y-you guys don't believe me? Its right there!" Lucy told me I was crazy and that the only think there was a wall with a small 666 carved into it. Few hours passed and I was home. I heard a few knocks at my window, I checked thinking it was my mom. I didnt see anything so I sat back down and grabbed a book to read. Later that night I was going to bed I looked out my window and saw movement outside. I thought nothing of it. The next morning I woke up and my legs were clawed up. This continued til 6th grade. If you want more of my story you can comment down below. I will try my best to write more about this.

Story is told by SleeplessQueen27


have you done research on the demon with the description

Davon Rodriguez

i kid you not something like this happened to me a while back


very interested. Please write more.

scary one

Interesting pls tell more


Very interesting and creepy!