"When I Was. 4 Years Old, My Parents Got Me A Doll Named Rosemary. The Problem Was I Didn't Like Rosemary So, I Kept Her In My Room And Didn't Play With. 11 Years Later, I Was Throwing Out My Old Toys. I Found Rosemary Under My Bed And Putted Her In My Box. When Donated My Toys I Saw Rosemary Gone. When I Returned Home I Found Her On Top Of My Bed That Had Laundry Folded Which I Don't Remember Doing. I Throw Rosemary Out The Window And Saw Her Get Run Over By A Car. The Next Morning, My Mom Didn't Answer My Calls, My Dad Disappeared, And My Sister Was Found Dead. I Didn't Know What Was Going On. Then, I Saw Rosemary In A Chair With A Note. Aren't You Glad I Never Killed You. I Grabbed Rosemary And Started Crying. Rosemary Im Sorry. Please, I'll Never Throw You Away. The Next Day, My Mom Answered My Calls, My Dad Was Found, And My Sister Was Alive. I Learned A Valuable Lesson. Never Forget Rosemary. Especially, If You Never Played With Her

Story is told by JasOf1920

Ms. MeMe

I think u better start playing with Rosemary. I think she wants some attention

S L. K

?ahhh... i like rOsemary?i hav a neighbor BRAT that she cOuld play with for awhile ?-wink..

Minecraft dragon


unicorn pooped rainbows

it was weird




This was so good, I like it. Please can you do more like this story? Oh and also I love this story about the doll!??