when I was about 11 years old I just moved into a new house because I the other house was to small. but I like this house now but something was not right at first.I had a really good vibe and a bad vibe to but the good vibe was actually really powerful then the bad vibe. There were some nights were I would wake up at like 1am in the morning and hear like a little girl who was probably crying or trying to talk to me. but any way there was this one night that really sacred half to death. I mean it really sacred to the point were I could not breathe or scream for my parents or my little brother but I heard a noise I thought my dog was trying to bark at our Neighbors dogs. so I went back to sleep and then I heard this loud noise and this noise was right in my room over by my window and when I woke up I saw my curitens open and blinds open to at first I thought my little brother was trying to scare but no it was the little girl who opened the curtains and the blinds in my room after that night I went to the store and got Sage and try to help the little girl cross over into the other world.

Story is told by macemj


It was not Scarry