this took place this year (2019) I woke up at 7 in the morning and i saw this probably 10 foot tall creature with no face(like a demigorgon from Stranger Things) go into my closet... when blinked it literally disappeared. The next day i woke up and there was this little girl standing 3 feet away from me holding a teddy bear. When i blinked the girl had hung herself while still holding the teddy bear. I could even hear the rope moving. A month later.... I woke up and there was this really short thing with big ears staring at me, while standing on the night stand. Last Week..... i woke up to find the same creature from the first night with sharp teeth and claws on top of me. the weird part is is that this happens at my dads house do i have a mental disorder? if i do can you please tell me what is up... btw this is my very first story no hate but this isnt fake news...

Story is told by Sub2Pewdiepie


tip for sleep paralysis dont look at demons or whatever you see they feed on fear and they want you to give attention


I thought it's sleep paralysis, in this state we have many creepy experience


READ THIS BEFORE READING MY STORYYY. there is a trigger warning.. i am sorry that i didnt say this in the beginning i completely forgot...