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can u see chat still? or iz it deleted for u also? plz reply 2 this

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story time now
Bob: What was that?
Fred: What was what?
Bob: That whistling fro- oh nevermind u wouldn't believe me anyway.
Fred: Whatever, let's keep working.

The two boys continued setting up their tents at the camping sight. Once they finally finished Fred stood up and looked at Bob.

Fred: Someone has to go collect firewood.
Bob: Not it.
Fred: Come on Bob, we ain't babys anymore. We decide with a game of Rock, paper, scissors.
Bob: Oh, u have a great point.
Fred: Best out of three.
Bob: Ur on.

They played the first round, Fred won.
Bob won the second round, but Fred won the last.

Bob: Alright, I'll go collect firewood.
Fred: Mk I'ma take a nap.

He rolled his eyes at Fred, but then walked off into the woods. Mumbling below his breath, he started having a conversation with himself.

Bob: In all the movies I've watched, the person who goes into the woods gets attacked first. No Bob stop thinking that you're gonna be fine. Yeah ur right, ill be fi-

A sudden scream came from the way of the campsite, his heart skipped a beat. He knew he couldn't leave Fred behind though, so he started bolting to the campsite. Face planted right into the campsite ground, he looked up. Blood. Bob saw a trail of blood, he decided to follow it. He stopped dead in his steps just to feel breathing on his neck...

To be continued

Story is told by Chicken Ari


While we are commenting on changes. If I may ask, is it possible to include a save draft feature in the future when we write stories? I lost my progress twice because of it going back to title page?

Chicken Ari



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Chicken Ari

oh ok but then how come i still have the edit button?


You can't edit stories for now. But I already posted new update with imho cool new vision of the story. I can still enter the chat. But it's deleted in all new updates