One day, a girl named Emily went downtown to buy some ink from her favorite ink shop, as she entered the shop, she found out that the shop was out of ink. She sighed in disappointment as she headed back to her house. As she walked down the busy street, an old woman wearing a black cloak stops her,"My dear.. Are you looking for ink?" Emily looked at the old woman,"Yes I am." The old lady handed her a bottle of ink,"Make sure it doesn't run out" Emily didnt hear the old lady, she grabbed the bottle and handed her a small bag of silver. "Foolish child...just wait til the last drop of ink", the old woman hissed and disappeared. Emily got home and started writing in the ink. She smiled as she continued to write. Little by little, day by day, the ink slowly started to run out. One day, Emily was writing and the ink was severely low. She didn't think anything of it so she started to write. As the ink ran out, Emily began to feel sick. She started coughing but she continued to write til she had only a drop left of ink. She weakly wrote in the last bit of ink, "Beware of the last drop of ink.." Emily's vision grew dark as she took her final breathe. Ink oozed out of her eyes and mouth. The old lady looked through the window,"You should have listened to my warning, now you have suffered the same fate as the man before you" The old lady picked up the bottle and made Emily into the ink.

Story is told by SleeplessQueen27

S L. K

very clever !!!!


it's really good.


This is my first story, hope its good ^^