A man named Graham was heading to London on a business trip. He had been travelling for a long time and spent the previous night at a friend's house. But he didn't have a good night. Maybe it was due to the hot weather. Or perhaps it was the fact that he went to the local pub for a quick drink. But for what ever reason, he couldn't sleep. Some time during the night, he had a strange dream. He dream't that he was walking along an empty road. It was foggy and he couldn't see anything. Yet he then noticed a bus stop ahead of him. So Graham chose to stop there for a while. As he stood there, he heard a distant vehicle approaching from behind. Graham turnned around and saw... a long black hearse, filled with horrific looking people. It stopped alongside Graham and the driver leaned out of the window. "There is room for one more!" the driver said. And that was when Graham woke up with a shudder. After breakfast, Graham continued towards London. He spent the day talking business and then decided to go and get some lunch. He went outside and walked along the road for a bit. Then he noticed a bus stop ahead of him. He then remembered his dream and he felt uneasy. So he decided to cross the street instead. But just as he was about to do it, a bus pulled alongside him. The bus conductor then called out to him. "There is room for one more!" he said. Graham looked at the bus conductor and realised that he resembled the driver of the hearse in his dream. "No thank you" Graham said "I'm just crossing the road" The bus's doors closed and the bus continued on its way. Graham was about to continue on his way when there was the sound of tires screeching, people screaming, and then a loud crash. It turned out that the bus had swerved suddenly to avoid something on the road. Which then the driver lost control, and it then crashing into a nearby building. Killing everyone on-board.

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2


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