"When you die do you ever wonder if there's a heaven or hell or you'll just live in darkness forever looking for a way out Who knows maybe you'll be forgotten like everyone else maybe you'll start to fade away maybe there's nothing maybe you're already forgotten It's life's biggest mystery is it real,fake or a simulation like the game Sims what if you were to find out why not pick up a knife or anything sharp and find out for yourself I mean half of us wonder what happens if we die do we go to heaven,hell or infinite darkness with no way out it's true some people think it's real but not me life is a LIE A BIG LIE YOU'RE NOT REAL NON OF THIS IS REAL ITS ALL A LIE WHEN YOU DIE YOU'RE TRAPPED IN DARKNESS FOREVER!!

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


ya it is


At least this app is still 2% alive


aye man I never left. just had no ideas to write lol


cool story