(Phone call) "Hey Mom and Dad, it's your son. It's good to hear your voices again after 3 years of fighting in the Vietnam War. I am coming Home In a few days, Right Now I am Currently in San Francisco. I had a few coins and decided to call you guys because I have a small Favor to ask." -Son "Yes, what Is it?" -Mother "I have this friend i would like you to meet, he saved my life in the war along with 2 others." -Son "Sure, we would love to meet him." -Father "Please understand That There is Something You Should know, He was Heavily Injured. He lost both his legs and His left arm. He stood in font of a Grenade and saved 3 lives. He has Nowhere to stay. I want him to come live with us for a while." -Son "I'm Sorry to Hear that Son, Maybe We can Help him find a place to live on his own and get him help." -Father "No, I want him to stay with us." -Son "Son, Please understand that someone with such a Handicap will be a Terrible burden on us, Just come home and forget about this dude. I'm sure he will manage on his own. I'm greatful he saved your life but we Can't afford someone with Such Disability." -Father "Forget it, I knew you wouldn't understand, Just know a Hero isn't afraid to give his life." -Son (Phone Hangs up) "He seemed so upset, Maybe we should let him bring a friend." -Mother "No! He'll get over it, He needs to understand that there isn't room in this house to keep a Disabled person. Plus I'm sure his friend will Manage on his own." -Father (3 Days Later) (Phone call) "Hello?" -Mother "Hello, This is the City Morge Coroner of San Francisco. I hate to be the Barrier of bad news but We found a dead body of a Male in his early 20's, He Has a gunshot wound to the Middle of his Cranium, we suspect it was suicide. We found a Paper with the Name "Mom" on it with This phone number. There is no Form of Identification on him and we want you to confirm it was your son." -Coroner "What? Our son is dead?"-Mother "I'm sorry for your loss, please come down to the morge and Identify the body today at 4:00pm." -Coroner (Phone Hangs up) "Babe, why are you in tears? -Father "They say our Son is dead." -Mother (4:00pm) "Are you the Parents?" -Coroner "Yes we are, Where is the body?." -Father "Right this way, Please Follow me." -Coroner "Here we are, the Room with the Body, Please identify Him." -Coroner (Opens the room door and reveals the body) "Oh God..." -Mother "This is our son, But..." -Father "But what?" -Coroner "We gotten a Call from him days ago saying he was coming home. But he asked if a friend could stay with us. We said no cause he was Disabled. Then he hung up out of anger." -Father "Our Son is Missing both Legs and an Arm..." -Mother

Story is told by The REAPER

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I was Watching the movie Hacksaw ridge which is based on a true story. I Thought what would happen if the parents of a war soldier found out something terrible. and Having Family in the Military thought it would be an Interesting Topic.