When I was really young I always had a condition that makes you hear or see things you might think oh why have you not told anyone well it's because I have and no one ever belived me I told my mom and father and then I told my own brother but to no luck it didn't help till I got to the point where I had to take pills and also my name is Ellie Nani I'm 16 and I will tell you my story of how it started n how it...... ended. it was the summer and we was in the car going to our new house we just bought last week my brother Derek in the back playing on his phone and probably texting all the 59 or more girls he has in his phone dad is driving smiling and laughing with my mother while the music is turned up and then there's me a depressed person can hardly tell I'm there daughter till my father turned down the music "Ellie cmon sweetie lighten up I swear your room is bigger than ever" I looked at him and said " I am happy see" I put on a fake smile so good that to any person even a god could not tell it was fake then my father said "that's the spirit honey" then my mom excitedly said " where here guys hurry cmon you guys gonna love it" I slowly got out the car why everyone hurriedly got out its l

Story is told by Laniya Campbell


End is confusing