karli: Izzy, have you heard of the creepy cabin? Izzy: no why? it sounds creepy though karli: I've heard a rumour about it Izzy: do tell. I'm in the mood for a good scare Karli: well, it is said that in the cabin lives a creepy old man karli:and that anyone who enters...... karli:will get killed and eaten Izzy: I don't believe that! karli:if you're so brave why don't you go? I'll go with you Izzy:I don't know........ karli: aw c'mon it will be fun Izzy: where is the cabin anyways? karli: deep in the forest Izzy: alright I'll go karli: ya---- izzy: but I'll go alone! karli: what? don't you know how dangerous it can be? Izzy:look, if I die, you can tell people about what happened. if we both die, we will be considered attacked by animals karli: good point, but.... Izzy: NO ARGUING! I'm going. ALONE karli: ok ok but I'm gonna text you alot Izzy: ok fine! I'm leaving the house now karli:just tell me when you get there! 30 minutes later Izzy: ok I found it karli: be careful, ok? Izzy: alright Izzy: I'm in the cabin karli: what's it like? Izzy: empty. completely empty karli : maybe I was wrong Izzy: maybe....OH SHIT! karli: WHAT'S WRONG???? karli: IZZY? Izzy :hahahahahah I got you there! karli: NOT FUNNY Izzy : yes it------ karli: Izzy? Karli: Izzy Karli Izzy! Izzy: she's dead Izzy got eaten by the old man and he confiscated her phone and deleted all of the messages so karli wouldn't do anything

Story is told by Elena Evermore


It's funny ?