Jack: Hey lily? lily: Yes jack? Jack: I hear a weird noise. it doesn't sound like anything we heard before. lily:it's probably an owl or something. go back to sleep Jack: I told you, it wasn't anything we heard before------oh crap! lily:Jack what is it? lily: jack you're scaring me. what is it? lily:Jack?? jack:I'm here. I just saw something weird and tried to take a picture. it was too fast. lily: what did it look like? jack it was big and slender, and it had fat lips and a big head. I...it also looked like it had blood on it's face lily: omigod jack! I see it too! jack: lily, get away from the window jack: LILY! lily: ITS IN MY HOUSE! o God! jack, what do I do? Jack: stay hidden. maybe it won't find you lily: ok but I'm in the worst hiding spot in the world jack: where are you? lily: under my bed. I swear that's where the monster will look first thing jack: hang on! I'm on my way over! Lily: Don't! it's to dangerous jack: what about you? I can't just leave you lily: call the cops! jack: fine lily: OMIGOD HE'S GOT ME JAC----- jack: lily? jack: lily I'm coming over jack: lily I'm------ lily and jack both got eaten by a mysterious monster. when the police got there, all what was left of them was a little bit of blood. the police said it was an animal attack

Story is told by Elena Evermore