So guys there's a lot of people who don't think that creepypastas aren't real but explain this: So this month has been weird, every night just before I close my eyes a shadow appears above me. Now I know what you're thinking, It's probably sleep paralysis but the thing is I'm fully mobile and I constantly feel like I'm being watched I'll also hear soft bangs on my door. This is not a joke if you know what to do please comment say what you think it is. Also don't give me That hate crap but IM ALREADY TRACER

Story is told by Hoodie_is_cool

Slendys actual daughter (actually real)

I know it is smile dog because I have to live with them everyday



I don't I stay up

Gacha Spooky

Y'know, I'd ignore it. I felt like I was being watched one time, but I slept through it.