when my sister got murdered, I was in a world of hell. when my brother got murdered, I decided to slove this case. Anyway, here's what happened. my sister, lucy, was very happy because she got to go to a party for the first time alone. she was 10 and it was her friend, Carly's birthday party? She went to the party but she never got there. we found her dead, mutilated in an ally.We we crying as we had her funeral. my sister loved me and I couldn't imagine a life without her. But that's not all the murderer killed. My brother was walking home from school when he was murdered. He was murdered much like my sister. when we had a funeral for him, I vowed to catch the murderer and kill him like he killed my siblings. I went back to the places where my siblings were killed and found a clue! it belonged to my neighbor! I went to his house to confront him, and when he admitted he did, I killed him like he killed my siblings.

Story is told by Elena Evermore

S L. K

ooh cOme on !!!! giv us the juice wut wuz the clue ??? hOw did yOu kill him ??? did U tOrture him ??? make him scream & squirm , bléed and beg ??? wen i kill'd mine, i did !!! ☠️