(aaaaa it's been a while since i last posted a story here, i think it was last 2 years idk but izzz good to be baack) -anyways back to the story- - - it was mid summer and i was left home alone by my parents (cuz they went out to buy some things at the mall) and i was so bored that i decided to just wash the dishes (weird fact about me: whenever i am bored or have nothing to do, i always like to clean stuff or keep things in order idk it's a lil bit weird of me but yea) soo as i was washing the dishes i literally saw someone/something peeking their head over to see me, literally i can see the shape of their head. the position of "it's" head is tilted like it's peeking behind the wall so it has to tilt it's head just to see me. as i realized that something is peeking at me, i really tried to ignore the fact that im witnessing a ghost and tried to ignore it (cuz some people always told me whenever i see a ghost i should just ignore it so that they will lose interest in me too) but i couldn't ignore it like im shaking, drinking all this coffee (justkidding but props to those who get its a song) im shaking and was so terrified and i didn't know what to do that time so i thought to just sing out loud and try to focus on my washing but i could still see it's head peeking over so i kinda adjusted my view to the left (cuz the wall that the ghost was peeking over was at the right) so that i won't be able to see it. it kinda worked but then i changed my mind and i literally said "nope" outloud and went upstairs as fast as i could. i just waited for my parents to come home cuz i was too scared to go down.

Story is told by TyeDye


said "Nope"?? ...not today satan! lmao!! love it!