When I was 17 yrs old me and my friends went dirtbiking when we passed an old building I asked my friends if they wanted to enter the building The first thing they said was "**** NO!!" I asked them why and they responded that's where "Mr.Nobody lives" Me:Who the hell is Mr.Nobody Friend:He's not human he's eyes always glow in the dark Me:And what's scary about a Nobody Friend:Some say he drags you to hell,others say he can be any person in the world Me:Still not scared Friend:But the creepiest is that he breaks into Families Homes and kidnapps their children to feast on them and collect their souls Me:So he's like Pennywise's brother ohh so scary Friend:This is why we stopped telling scary stories Me:Well what do you expect Friend:Let's just leave Me:Fine,Let's go after that night I kept dreaming about him he kept getting closer and that's when I realized I shouldn't have made fun of him One night I was so scared that when I looked out my window I saw him smilling at me holding a poster You're Next

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ



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