My name is SooAh, or rather it's my Korean name. I've always had a fear of clowns...but never really had anything happen to actually trigger this fear. This dream is one of many dreams that has had me, a 21 year old, running down the hall to my twin sisters bedroom. Now the setting for the dream is my local IHOP, where I work. The people in the dream were me, my twin sister, my best friends Lilly and Dana, and my coworkers, Tina and Georgian. It was Tina's birthday and we were all just hanging out and chatting outside the restaurant when all the lights in the parking lot aside from the light directly out side the restaurant went out. Everyone started looking around clearly confused and slightly alarmed. When this guy, dressed up as a clown ,stepped out from the tree line where the lamp post is. He had a baseball bat slung over his shoulder and was just watching us. Now, everyone was starting to panic just a bit. We all turned to the left to leave when two more "clowns" appeared there. We tried to go right and you guessed it.. two more appeared each with their own weapon of choice. Now we clearly were in a serious situation, seeing as only two of us had actual weapons... if you consider pocket knives a weapon, compared to baseball bats and chainsaws and axes... Yea... we clearly had no choice but to do whatever it was they asked. Eventually, they had everyone tied up and just sitting on the ground. Tasha and Tina were busy trying to calm down Dana and Lilly and Georgian were trying to figure out a way to get out of this mess. I was doing the same but I couldn't say or do much. I was placed a little further away from everyone else. Suddenly, music started playing... I don't remember what song but the clowns then proceeded to dance around us swinging their weapons and laughing. In fear, I managed to wiggle my way over to my friends and we simply just kind of huddled with each other in hopes that it would end soon. Apparently, that angered the clowns because they grabbed me and pulled me away from everyone else again. Then I heard a horn... like the ones people would use on their bikes... and a dog that was dressed as a clown as well appeared while walking on a ball. This clown dog... started rolling around me while repeatedly singing/saying "We're going to get you!". It kept doing this while the clowns that were dancing began throwing.. this liquid on me... It was sticky, like tar, but it smelled of blood. I could hear my sister and friends screaming my name but I couldn't really do anything. I haven't had this dream... since that day.

Story is told by SooAhHan

S L. K

no "NOT" cool !!! if that wuz a real dream, itz definitely NOT kOol fOol... it sux !!! unless U enjOy bein gang'd-up on, by a bunch of out wOrk, or just out of the insane asylum creepy ****'n clownz welding weapOnz... ?←bOzO gOez bOnkerz !!!!