POLICE CRIME INVESTIGATION REPORT CURRENT SUSPECT: STRANGE BLACK HALF DOG HALF FISH CREATURE??? Oof I give up doing this journal entry thing ;-; I glanced around frantic this... beast, would pop out of every corner and kill me. I’m the type of child who is actually interested in blood and gore. But I think this experience has definitely changed that... That dead look in those poor children’s eyes, the blood just flying everywhere, making the blood seem like an abandoned doll house’s pealing wallpaper that used to have glistening liquid flowing down its plastic walls. And the dolls are the dead bodies scattered everywhere, in every corridor. Cautiously, with a quivering knife in hand, I walked around the surrounding area of our base, already spotting several fresh corpses laying neatly beside each other, their mouths in the shape of a scream with dry blood mark lining their face and floor and the large hole in the body still gushing out fresh blood. My nose wrinkled at the harsh stench of starting-to-rot bodies and the strong smell of tangy blood. I has butterflies in my stomach and for some reason, I felt like someone or something was watching me. After about a week of walking around afraid of dying, I finally got used to it, I didn’t flinch when I see the brutal death of guts of others, I don’t feel like throwing up when I see a severed body part, it just felt... normal, I just occasionally see someone still alive on the floor slowly dying and all I do is stay with them and hope them well on their journey to paradise as they take their last quivery breath and become a corpse. And for the first time... I felt scared, I felt the urge to run away, screaming, hoping that this wouldn’t be the end of my life. But my feet were glued in fear as I made eye contact with the beast. I pleaded with myself to just raise my knife and kill it but my body fought against me as if moving one teeny tiny inch would end up as me being it’s supper, and... My body was right... It DID lunge. That for reading!!! ^-^ Part 3: TRWTBWOTW (P3) Guts and Bolts

Story is told by Bloodshed Flower


Please let it have blood and gore


I love blood and gore


nice story have a good day