1-I heard screams even though I live alone 2-My daughter's doll keeps moving closer and closer to me 3-Death knocked on my door and asked for my family 4-I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection behind me 5-I used to be alone until I met it 6-something came out of my closet and watched me sleep 7-I have sleep paralysis and blurry vision when I wake up but I'm sure something was in front of my bed 8-Everytime I go to sleep I hear little kids giggle and say my name 9-I thought I was alone until I saw something move in front of my bed 10-I missed my bus and there's a creepy figure behind me 11-24 missed calls from my deceased girlfriend who died 2 years ago 12-Everyone hates me but soon they'll be in a better place

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

S L. K

sOme of thOse are quite clever

Gary Matrix 2

Great stories.


Then why did you like it

Gacha Spooky

How come I haven't died yet? Oh! It's because of boredom!