Before I get into this story, I would like to include a disclaimer. This story is not a scary story, nor was it supposed to be. But it is a true and strange story that happened just a few nights ago. Most will believe that I am crazy and reading to much into this, but that is okay. You are free to have your opinion, and I do not have to change mine. Though this is not a spine-tingling, bone-chilling scary story, I do believe that it is worth your time to read this, but ultimately the choice is yours. Now if that intro didn't bore you enough to make you click away, thanks for sticking around XD. Enjoy ♡ A few nights ago, I was up late like most nights. I do not have a TV in the room I currently live in, so I often just watch YouTube videos until I feel tired. So, much like any other night, I began to watch YouTube videos. After a while I began to think about one of my favorite actors. I will not state his name, because that will make this story seem even more absurd, and he may not trust me again if the encounter was real, but I will say small details about him (if you can figure out who it is, props to you, maybe leave your guess in the comments XD). He acted as my favorite character in a series of movies, and he played the part so well. His portrayal of the character is one of the biggest reasons why this character is my favorite. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago. At the time, I was a little too young to understand how heartbreaking this was. Now that I am slightly older, the upsetting reality of the situation has caught up with me, and occasionally I find myself thinking about this actor's passing. One of these times was that night. I was lying down, staring at the near pitch-black ceiling, and thinking about this actor. I was thinking about how I missed seeing him online and in the movie industry, how dedicated he was to his work, and how I wish I could have met him in person. After these thoughts, I either listened to a few more songs or went straight to sleep, though I'm not really sure how this is relevant to the story. I fell asleep and began to dream about something that frightened me, which is normal for the few nights in which I do dream. When the dream concluded, I slept looking at darkness for a while. Suddenly, a new dream began to form. I was in a library that I had never seen before, which was odd because most settings in my dreams are based off of places I know. I wandered around for a few minutes and walked down several aisles of books before seeing someone. The actor, to be specific. He was standing there, not really doing anything. It was as if he were waiting for something, or someone. He was wearing the costume of my favorite character as well. As he turned around and saw me, I could no longer contain my excitement. I ran up to him and gave him a big hug, to which he responded by smiling and returning the hug. I got a picture of him, talked with him (actually it was mostly me talking because I was so excited), and I even gave him several more hugs. Then I paused, and I realized how annoying I must have been. I apologized for how unpleasant I had been, but he only responded with a smile. He seemed oddly prepared for this encounter.. by "prepared", I mean that it seemed as though he had gone there for a specific reason, and he had come to the library expecting to meet a superfan such as myself. He even waved goodbye as I began to wake up in real life. Now, I know what you are thinking by now, "This is ridiculous. There is no evidence. Why would I believe this?" I understand your concerns, so allow me to explain myself. First of all, I never, and I mean NEVER dream about things that I think about the day before, unless they scare me (and in this case, I was definitely not scared). Also, everything worked out perfectly. What I mean by that is that most times when I have a good dream, I wake up wishing I had or had not done something that could have made the dream better. After this dream, I did not feel that longing for something to be different. Thirdly, the dream felt lifelike. The interactions, the emotions; everything felt so genuine. Even the hugs felt like someone was actually hugging me back and truly enjoying my company. The interactions we had were like how I imagine they would have gone if I had actually met him in person. Lastly, I woke up with a smile on my face, and I felt the sudden urge to say thank you to the actor for his time. This is something that I have never done before, but for some reason, I felt as though I needed to be polite and feel thankful for what he had done. The next day, I began to question the possibility of it actually being more than a dream. I decided to put it to the test last night. I did the same things I had done the previous night, I watched a few videos and then thought about the actor. The one thing that I did change, however, was that I said this "Dear (blank), I just wanted to say that I really appreciated last night's encounter. I am doing these things again, but not to bother you again or seem ungrateful. I just want to prove to myself that this could have been real." So, I decided that if I went to sleep that night and had another dream about him, it was all in my head. If not, maybe it was something more. I went to sleep... and I had a dreamless night. Despite doing the same things as the night before, possibly thinking about the actor even more this time, I didn't have any dreams about him or my favorite character. So.. though I am not certain about what happened, I am choosing to believe that this was more than a dream. I feel that everything just lined up too perfectly to be a coincidence, and the timing was on point as well. I wouldn't recommend that you intentionally try to meet a celebrity in your dreams, as I believe that would just make them irritated. You are free to feel however you want to feel about this story, but my opinion will remain the same. If you think I'm reading too much into this, that's fine. I mean I could be wrong, but I would rather choose the optimistic view on this story. Regardless of what this was, it is something that I don't want to forget. Anyways, thank you for listening and sorry that this story was so long. Have a pleasant day ♡

Story is told by (don't wanna say meh name)


I believe you! lucky guess Heath Ledger?