I was walking home, I lived in a small area of town, there where mainly older folks but still it was nice. ANYWAY I was walking home when I saw a shadow in the alley. I was slightly unnerved but I didn't check it out. When I got home I crashed onto my bed. I had just gotten home from my Bff's party. All the sudden I heard a soft bang come from my closet, like shirts being moved. All the sudden closet door opens, I hid myself in my blankets with a little hole to look out. I see a man of average height with gray skin and what looked to be some sort of mask. He walked up to my bed and only said "Mmmmmmm" then I blacked out. 4 Days later Missing girl found! Cassie Rodgers was found dead, cause of death unknown. This was a news headline on 4/3/2019

Story is told by Hoodie_is_cool