tapp! tapp! l.... tapp! tapp! l... this continues for several hours. I'm not in my bed l, it's too close to the tapping. I'm in the corner next to my closet. I'm afraid of the closet. I start to dref off to sleep, than I hear the footsteps coming down the hall. I know who it is. I know what he wants from me. I feel the tearing start dripping down my cheeks. the tapping stopped I don't like when it stops. that's when I know he is coming. "sweety are you awake?" I don't say anything, I don't move an inch."sweety I know you are awake, I can hear you breathing" I try to make myself be apart of the corner molding myself into it. The door knob starts to twist... the creek of the door Heng comes. I stop the tears. I can see his big shadow standing the sweating and moving towards me. He stops at my feet and bends down I can smell the alcohol on his breth. " why didn't you answer me sweet?" he whispers in my ear. I can feel his hand on my knee. I'm scared.... I don't know what to do. I wish the tapping would come back. I start to pray. I'm not a heavy believer in God and church but at this moment I am. He lefts my head up to make me look at him. Than he tells my something I'll never forget " I'm going to do you a favor and give you something you will never forget" I know what he wants from me he does it to me ever night when he is drunk. He never remembers what he does to me. He starts to take off my top and than my bra than I yell "nooo!!!" and I start to kick and scream. He pulls his fist back and punches me in the face. I pass out the only thing I remember is him reaching for my pant bottoms. I wake up in a bed I know it's not mine. I sit up and see a women sitting there in the corner reading a book. "we're am I?" she gets up really fast and comes to my bed side " you are finally awake!" she grabs my hand tightly " I'm your neighbor, I was driving home and I had a weird feeling that I should go around the next Conner not next to my own road but I turned down the next street over and I saw your house and know something was wrong, I got out of the car and called 911 and once I got inside and ran into the room were you were and hit your father over the head with a beer bottle I found in the kitchen, than I grabbed you and took you and held you close and the medics came and got you. You are safe now sweetie" I couldn't believe it. I was safe he was gone out of my life forever. that night I knew I wouldn't have to go to the Conner ever again. A few minutes later the doctor arrived and told my neighbor he wanted to talk to me alone. At the sound of his voice I knew who it was I froze. My breath stopped. I was alone with him.......... I Couldn't escape him.

Story is told by D.D.C


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