'Class, don't forget pages 5 to 7 for homework!' Luna's teacher said. 'Ok.' Luna's best friend, Emily, said. 'Oh! One more thing!' Her teacher said. 'Don't walk alone to go home if you walk home. Well, Drive thru is dismissed.' Jake, Jessica, Hayley, Lukas, Ella, Emma, Kasey, and Kate went to drivethru. A few minutes later, Luna, Emily, Jamie, Lilly, Mia, Bethany, Jacob, Richard, Henry, Amelia, and Katia left for walking dismiss. 'Hey Luna?' Emily said. 'Yeah?' Luna replied. 'Lets walk home together.' 'Okay Emily. I mean, we live beside each other...' Emily and Luna decided to take a shortcut through the First Street Alley. In that alley, there was a woman. 'Huh?' 'Am I pretty?' 'What do we say?' Emily asked. 'I know what to do!' 'Your average!' Luna said. 'What kind of answer is that?' 'Where are they?!' The woman thought. 'Get in your house, Emily.' Emily was in tears.

Story is told by Gacha Spooky

S L. K

wut the **** am i miss'n ??? am i the only one who duznt understand wut the hell the end of this stOry iz about ??????


good one but diffrent the red ruby is not in the storie and experienc the legend????


I loved it, i am a huge fan of Japanese horror and japanese urban legends, great job! ??


Not bad