Its one in the morning. You are laying in bed, watching markiplier's 3 scary games #3. The glow of the t.v. is the only light in the dark oasis that is your bedroom in your big, dark, dead silent house. Your dog lays next you in bed, snoring away, already fast asleep. Then, hunger strikes. Reluctant to remove yourself from the warm and comfy haven you have created in your bed, you get up and walk to the kitchen. You have always dreaded the walk from your room to the kitchen. Your paranoia always ensures that you never take the journey alone. What was that off to the left? A demonic shadow being pressing its palm against the sliding glass door, begging for you to come closer so that it may drag you kicking and screaming into the deepest, darkest depths of hell?. No, its just your imagination, your mind playing tricks on you... or is it? The thought of that frightens you, so you brush it off. You reach the fridge. What is the in the dark recesses of the outer kitchen? A towering , gray figure, waiting and hoping you will walk over him to investigate? No, its just the curtains... or is it? Your mind always came up with the worst of things at the worst times. You quickly grab what you want to eat and practically sprint back to your room and slam the door. Throughout the whole trip to and back, you felt like something was walking right behind you, matching your pace. As you lay in bed, your warm and cozy safe haven, you hear scratching at your door. Maybe your mind wasn't playing tricks on you after all.....

Story is told by revo


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