This is the second one sorry this one is short ~injoy~ When I asked my question, he looked like he was worried and scared for me.... So I asked my question again"Sir...why is it in a box"Miko the librarian, said"Kid.... you need to the box back...or they"then he stopped, he looked worried. I said"They??" I was confused, he said"yes...they" and then he said"you should get going home kid"and he takes the box back and I started walking to the door... So I was walking home and I saw Miko, the librarian again he was following me,so I stopped and said"Hey way are you following me" he didn't say anything, he just looked like he was going to fall I said "Hey I'm going to walk you home....." Find out what happens in the next one!!!

Story is told by Angel~loves~




Too short to star enjoying ?