As I wake up to blood spilled all over my walls I try to remember what happened last night Me and the squad went out for some drinks next we...we..I can't remember how drunk did I get last night I walked around a weird looking dungeon when I hear one word "RUN!" I look behind me to nothing but darkness until I see something its tall,it has sharp teeth and razor sharp claws and like every other story covered with blood stains I ran at the look of the thing,after running for a long time I found a locker and hid in it The beast just stayed there walking around like it knows I'm here Oh crap its starring at me I think it knows Its getting closer and closer ran away Guess it didn't want me well that's a miracle Strange voice:You made it I thought you would die like the others I'm a little surprised Me:What is that thing explain it Strange voice:Its what you hide from each night,ITS YOU!! Me:If its me I know its coming back. Strange voice:Then start Running Hahahahahaha!! To Be Continued

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

panic room

great story when will u continue it?


I like this story. Nice twist.


Awesome, it's the good story.

red flame horsemen

cool awesome


Everybody have Hide inside