POLICE CRIME INVESTIGATION REPORT WITNESS: CAROLINE PHOENIX (DEAD OR ALIVE) SOURCE OF INFORMATION: CAROLINE P.’S DIARY 6:30 AM The alarm started screaming in agony for me to wake up. I groaned,” Why can’t sleep last longer...” I grumbled as I slammed the alarm’s STOP button and started my morning routine. 7:00 AM I arrived at school and stood there stock still with all the other children, I could feel the world standing still as we watched in horror at what was right in front of us. There was a strange monster eating something on the floor. And that something has a bloodcurdling, shrill scream... like a human. When the creature finally looked up at us, we finally got a good look at it. It was all black with just fresh blood splattered all over its half-dog half-fish body it’s eyes were stitched shut and I gave pity to the person on the floor, still alive, yet barely moving since most of there intestines were eaten. My heart broke when I realized it was a 5 year old child mouthing the words “Help me...” 7:52 AM We all ran in different directions as the monster chased us, snarling hungrily but sounding like an evil laugh at the same time. Some of the more sensitive students BARELY had any sanity left and were left behind. Eventually everyone split into groups with their friends, it wasn’t a very good plan for some people but we didn’t have time to argue so we stuck with it. Right now I am with my friends: Starling, Ella, Jeana, Joelle, Jacob, Avery, Sonny, Samantha, and Maddie. We all agreed to built a fort near the cafeteria, vending machines and bathroom, we all were watchers watching for the creature at all times. Some of us are fighters, fighting against the monsters and finding wood for a fire so we can stay warm and heat up our food, and the others are gatherers, collecting food and water and other essentials. To be continued... Part 2?: TRWTBWOTW ( P2) Something Is Missing...

Story is told by Bloodshed Flower


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