So a couple of years ago, my mom and I moved in to an apartment. It was all fine and stuff until we were finally settled. For some info that will be important later. My bedroom has no windows and the only lockable door of the two bedrooms. I was 6-8 during this. It all started with certain things getting moved in my room when I know no one moved it. It only moved during the night. I have no siblings so no one was pulling a prank. This happened for a while until it got worse . The door would rattle occasionally. I also developed a fear of the dark from red eyes that would appear at night in my closet. My TV, an old 80's box one with a CD player as we had no cable, would turn on with static and a garbled demonic voice. Perhaps the worst of all was when I looked in the mirror one morning to see a inch wide scar from ear to ear. When I went to sleep that night, it disappeared. It all stopped after that, but I sometimes get nightmares. So that's the Demon who was in my room.

Story is told by TheDarkOperator


I forgot to mention that we unplugged the TV at night so the electrical bill wasn't so high.