This is not a real story One day, I was on my way home from school , and I stopped to see a book store. There was something I could not figure out about the store, it was werid and unusual. Being stupid, I walked in the store it was old as time, no new walls,books were breaking, and old stairs, and a man, he looked 80 years old, his name is werid too, everything was werid, the name was Miko Koco, I know I know what you are thinking an anime name really;But that's his name anyway, I found a book it was in a box, " Strange it is in a box?" I said, so I went to the front desk and asked"Um... Miko?" he said in a voice that sounds like a millitary man "What do you want kid" I said"Why is this in a box"..... If it is good ask for the second Find out in the next one!!!!!!

Story is told by Angel~loves~


cool. what was his answer?