I've been away, as you all know. Don't worry, this is not a 'Hello' note. Allow me to explain my sudden departure from this app as I was not of this world for the past sixth months. It was the 12th of January, 2019. I'm not supposed to be telling you this, but I've been with them for so long, and with you all, for even longer, that I feel like I can trust you with this. I was watching my house burst into flames, 2:46 in the morning, the grass of my neighbour's lawn was cold and wet from the hose of the wailing fire truck. I trust you remember my sister, Anne. That's not a question for a reason. It's been two years since she died, and five months since I got out of the hospital. Ever since my return I've felt no the need to look over my shoulder, I'm okay if it comes to take me. Tonight my parents are going to die in the fire. That's what Anne told me a few nights ago. I'm twenty-one now, that would make me the legal guardian of the twins. Grant and Nora are screaming for dad as he's pulled out of the house by the firemen. Mom didn't make it. I don't have the heart to try and comfort the two pre-teens. It's looking at me, beyond the tree line, the backwoods. It's lanky torso and gangly limbs make it look like another one of the trees. I pull the shock blanked over ny head and crouch a slight bit. I see it, but it's too preoccupied to see me, perhaps it's watching the fireman secure the treeline behind our house. That man won't make it either. The creature has already begun to advance closer to the back patio. I rescue the blanked by bunching up the cloth infront of my neck. My breath swirls infront of me in-between the red and blue lights, mingling with the orange of the street lamps. I remember these are the descriptions I would use when I still smoked. Sometimes I wonder why I quit. The creature soon returned to its place, now it's staring at me. I let go of the shock blanket, feeling it brush my back and legs as it falls to the ground. Then I walk, closer to the treeline. Closer to the backwoods. Not closer to the creature. Closer to Anne, where I see her small figure standing next to it. The creature never took them because we were trespassing. It took them because they were in danger. I wonder of that's why it took the fireman just now, after all, he was being abused by his girlfriend. All the boys that looked like me in some aspect, the past few years. The known sex predator seven blocks away had a preference for brown haired boys. Little had I'd known when Anne died, she was always helping her babysitters abusive mother vent. "I'm sorry." I say, as the smoke from the fire invades my chest and eyes. "But I have to stay." Little did I know, Dad had found the remnants of my little drug addiction and decided he needed something to help get the stress off his chest. A light joint fell onto the carpet of the den. That's where he's been sleeping the past few weeks, my mom had a suspicion and wouldn't let him back upstairs until he admitted to it. "I won't give you a reason to come, not now, not ever." _______________________________________ Hey, it's been a while, I know this isn't scary, but it's kind of a continuation of 'The Backwoods', so if you'd like to understand this better, be sure to check that out. -Kai

Story is told by RainyKai

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Kai honest to God thought this actually happened at first XD


Amazing, very interesting and have it own scary atmosphere

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Welcome Back! Great story ^-^ looking forward to reading more of your work.