1. The Nothing Woman This woman is a vengeful spirit. This happened after her daughter died. She apparently 'protects' kids. She makes you merge into her soul by sleeping, but sometimes she hurts you. This legend is on a Gacha Life Video made by Kawaii Ichigo Chan. P.s This is all I can remember. Sorry if it's wrong. 2. Teke Teke Okay, where should I start? Okay. This woman was at a railway station. The woman was pushed into the railway tracks and crushed by an oncoming train. She was split in half. If you hear a 'teke teke' sound, run as fast as you can. However, she is as fast as a cheetah. 3. Noppera-Bo Noppera-Bo is a creepy urban legend. It is about faceless people who 'originally had a face' but only to reveal a faceless person. This is a really crazy urban legend.

Story is told by Gacha Spooky