So this story is completely real. I live in a city near New Orleans, Louisiana, a culturally creepy city because of ghost and other paranormal events. My friend told me about an alley where a girl was shot in cold blood in an alley behind a burnt down bar. Legend says if you go there, you'll see apparitions and hear noises from that night where the girl was shot. Being dumb, we went there. Our cameras immediately shut off, a definite sign of the paranormal as out batteries were full beforehand. We heard what sounded like crying, but no one was there. We even heard gunshots, which some people may say it's because it's New Orleans, but there were 5 NOPD patrol cars by us, and these shots were close. They also sounded like a Thompson M1928 .45 acp. Submachine Gun, not like a Hi-Point or Glock. We then saw a shadow and it moved along the wall, but no one was there. Then we heard screaming and the shadow ran at us. It freaked us out so we ran. I never want to go back there. NOLA is by far the most haunted city in the Southeast U.S, at least to me.

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Thats so scary!


Interesting experience


I haven't told anyone this yet, not even my mother, but it was so frightening. When the dark figure screamed and charged us, it seemed straight outta Left 4 Dead