I was laying in bed minding my own business, half asleep and that's when I heard it..a soft little whisper sounded like a girl it started off as "hello.." then it was quiet for a minute or two then it continued slightly louder. I finally came to my senses and sat up on my bed, looking around and finding nothing I started to calm down some and figured it was just my own brain playing tricks again "that's what anxiety does right?' and I quietly laughed realizing that's probably all it was, was my anxiety. I layed back down and closes my eyes ready to sleep when it started again except this was loud like yelling and they said more "HELLO! ARE YOU JUST GOING TO IGNORE ME!?" I sat up terrified and finally realized it wasn't my anxiety. I was absolutely terrified to I called me dad and he rushed over and we searched my house trying to figure out who was talking. I was scared,shaking,crying. we found nothing so he left and said I'll be ok. I went back to bed and I heard laughing I figured out that it just wanted me so I shouldn't ask for help. I sat up again, looking around and saw the shape of her. I just stared at her with an open mouth and she whispered again "hello.."

Story is told by feargirl04

S L. K

gOOd 4U feargirl... for it bein ur 1st, im impress'd ?? ? keep it up, Uv gOt a gOOd imagination & a future 4 sOme very creative stOryz... ?


i think you should definitely add on to this. maybe a part 2. its good




creepy ?


I tried..it's my first