"Oh no! The tornado is right there" Tiffany's mother said. Then a ghost came out of the giant wedge tornado. 'OMG!' Ella screamed in terror. 'We need shelter' Tiffany screamed. 'Your right!' Her mother said. Then more ghosts came. 'So many ghosts!' Then a demon appeared! 'A demon?!' Tiffany was horrified by its face. It was red, a slit mouth, no eyes, a bruised nose, black stringy hair, and long, pointy fingers. Then another demon appeared. It looked like the first one. As other demons appeared, something happened that would change the town of Greenville. It was..... A massive inferno! There were people running and screaming as houses were set on fire and burned down. There was absolute destruction in the town of Greenville! Soon, the entire city of Greenville... had disappeared. The barren landscape looked like a giant mower had mowed it, like a giant yard. But the demons had casted the town on fire, with the help of the Ghosts. The only people around for 50 miles, was Tiffany and her family.

Story is told by Gacha Spooky

Ms. MeMe

Which Greenville? SC OR NC OR GEORGIA?

S L. K

& ... (unicorn pOOp'drainbOwz)... →YOU←are oupid &→ stupid← &ur a tOilet floater??ha ha ha

S L. K

the stOry wuz unfinished, but original, but "YOU" are awsum? ive read a few of yOur stOriez & i think U hav SOO much pOtential, so keep up the writing sister?

unicorn pooped rainbows

it was oupid


how about part 3


I just needed a really great ending.


This reminds me about Silent Hill

Gacha Spooky

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