This is the second story in this series. This one will be in first person. For some context on the characters: Mike: Squad Leader Zach: Main Character Rex: Squad Member Gray: Squad Member Tay: Squad Member I always listened to my grandfather's stories. He had many stories from his time inside the CIA. One of them stuck out, though. Back in the '60s, he was on an operation about some creatures. He told me that his friend died after an attack. He couldn't never remember the rest. I was in a U.S. Special Forces unit. We were called the Greyhounds, involved with random phenomenon. Two years ago....... "Hey man, you know why we got called up?" asked Gray. "No," I said, "you?" "I guess we'll find out," he said as Mike walked up. "Y'all ready for the briefing?" said Mike. "Yup," replied Gray and I. We walked in to the room, Rex and Tay were already there. "The mission is at an old base in Laos near the border in Vietnam. Some strange creatures were spotted in the jungles on the borders of the two countries. You'll be dropped in via parachute. Get ready, you'll be going tomorrow morning," said the commander. The team was made up of special forces soldiers. Mike was a SEAL, Gray was a Ranger, Tay was a in Delta, Rex was a Green Beret, and I was a Marine Raider. They wanted skilled professional operators. We were Alpha Squad. We woke up and got on our gear and got on the C17 Galaxy. We flew to the area we were jumping into and jumped out. When we landed, it was very suspicious. We eventually got to the base. It was burnt to a crisp. "Damn, what happened here?" asked Rex. "Probably bombed it after it got overrun," said Tay. We tried to salvage some Intel, but there was nothing. We started going out to another point of interest west of the destroyed base. We walked on to some sort of random concrete building in the jungle. It smelled like death, so we put on gas masks. As the door slowly creaked as we sweeped the room, we saw figures on the floor. I investigated one of them. "Got a body, looks like an old NVA uniform." "There all dead NVA, but what killed them?" asked Tay. "Keep you heads on a swivel, we have no clue what's in here," said Mike. We walked through a hallway to a rusted door, passing more bodies that were ripped and gored. "God that's horrific, what the hell. I'm freaked out man," said Gray. Mike opened the door while the rest of the squad covered him. A set of stairs appeared. It smelled even worse. We walked down the stairs to some cells. A sudden slam echoed through the bunker. We heard load groaning. "Cover that doorway," yelled Mike as a figure came through the door way. It was as tall as a grown male, with ripped skin and scars all over. It had yellow glowing eyes, covered in dried blood and gore. It had broken shackles and an American military uniform , a classic Vietnam-era one. It charged us, teeth bare. It went for Tay's leg, but I shot it through the skull. "Let's get out, now!" yelled Gray. More came out, like the floodgates of hell. We fired away till we were out of ammo. We got the door open and ran out. "Command, we have a Class 5 Outbreak possibility!" yelled Mike into his mic as we struggled to hold the door. That means that it could develop into a possible pandic, if not epidemic, if no eradication or containment takes place. As our command tried to negotiate a strike on the base with the Vietnamese government so the creatures wouldn't spread out. We ran out as they dropped a JDAM 500 lbs. bomb on the building. We were pulled out by helicopter. I never believed my grandfather that there were "beasts of the jungle" in Vietnam, but should have all along. (I made this at 2:00 a.m. so sorry if it wasn't good, I'm insanely tired"

Story is told by TheDarkOperator


It's my favorite zombie story


thank you lou




It's a zombie story with a military twist


i was actually really scared like there was litterly a zombie soilder