This is my first story. Comment whatever you want. A girl and her mom went to go rent a house one day. When they got in the girl went upstairs. There was an attic there and she open the door. She switched on the light and saw a big box. Was at least 2 feet tall. She opened it and A smaller box came out. It felt like she had to open 1000 more boxes to get to the smallest box of all. When she opened it she saw a little hand. She screamed and took it to her mom. They turned it into the police. Supposedly in that house the parents that live there before had a little boy that died of cancer. At least wanted to keep one part of his body before turning the rest to ashes. This is not a true story of this is just a short horror story. Again it’s my first story. Sorry about the grammar.

Story is told by Kitty_lover


Wow I love it, please can you do more? Because your story was the BESTT HORROR STORY!?????


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