All you humans thinking monsters don't exist trust me you'll be surprised when you see us,who knows we could be hiding in you're closet under your bed or somewhere else all I can say is we are all real We are what lurks in you We are what you hide from each night We are always begging to be freed We will always find a way Cause we are YOU!! We want to take your life so bad we want to hear your precious screams We want to be you but you keep pushing us Driving us into becoming killing machines We don't want that and neither would you,but sometimes to do some good you've gotta be the bad GUY!!! now let us all calm down let us enjoy our meal,you're next on the menu and remember We Will Always Find A Way

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Also the part "we are what lurk in you", We are what you hide from" and We are waiting to be freed Is from The Russian Sleep Experiment

ghost cat

fnaf 2 song Survive the night


The part "we don't want that and neither would you" is a part of a song


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