All over the world, people claim to have an object or two in their house that is haunted. Some people are serious about it and claim its a broken dream catcher or a really old doll. Some joke around and say its a toaster or shower curtain. Well, for me, its an old battery operated robot toy. In my old house, when i was about 7, i had a shelf above my bed. On that shelf, sat the old robot toy. As a kid, i liked the robot toy. But at night, it was the source of my nightmares. I would look up at it at night and its eyes would glow red, paralyzing me with fear. Not only that, it would give me nightmares. It gave me some of the worst nightmares I'd ever had. In the worst one, I envisioned my grandpa eaten and ripped to shreds, and my brother being strangled to death by the very same robot, and the last one nightmare it gave me was undoubtedly the worst. i dreamt that it killed my whole family and strung me up from the shower rod. How a young kid could dream up such horrors, ill never know, but that's the power of a cursed object.

Story is told by revo

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