The following is a sequence of text messages. Enjoy. Mom: Sorry I missed your call. What happened? Me: Mom, a weird guy showed up banging on the windows!! Mom: oh my goodness call the police! Is he still there? Me: I did! No ones here yet. I think he broke the downstairs window. . . . Me: Mom!? Hello? Me: Im in the closet. He is calling for someone named Penelope? Me: Mom why arent you answering!? What do I do? He is getting closer! Mom: I know, calm down. Get out of your closet and pull the rug out from under the bed. Me: okay? Mom: There is a trap door underneath. Do not ask why, just push it open, get inside and pull the rug over quickly. Me: Mom what the hell? Mom: JUST DO IT _________________ Choices ○●○●○●○●○ 1. Do as you are told. 2. Stay in the closet. 3. Confront the man. Scroll down to the coordinating number of your answer. ____________________ Answer 1 You quickly follow your mothers instructions. It's dusty and damp but you go in anyways. You go to the corner of the strange room after locking it. The door above creaks open. Foot steps are heard pacing around the room. "Penelope?" the man calls. "I'm not going to hurt you honey." Silence Just as the man is about to leave, you hear a soft tune slowly increasing in volume. It's music. The footsteps stop as the music gets louder. You quickly realize it's your phone! *Call From Mom* You panic and struggle to turn off the volume. "Penelope!?" the man screams. You hear a heavy object being hit against the floorboards above you. Shivering in fear as you corner yourself you text your mom. Me: He found me! Mom im scared what do I do? A surge of pain goes through your head as everything blurs. You see a strange man in a blue suit dragging you away and then nothing but black. ______________________ Answer 2 You think to yourself that your mom has lost her marbles and stay in the closet. Me: Sorry mom but im staying put until the police get here. You put your phone on silence to avoid your moms responces and look around the closet for something to defend yourself against. You reach up on your shelf and feel something cold and metal. A baseball bat! Feeling more secure you go back on the floor kneeling down on the defensive. Ready, just as the door creaks open. You watch the man enter the room through the cracks. He is a tall man in a blue suit with grey hair. You couldnt help but wonder how a man could look like that and act like a lunatic. "Penelope!?" the man shouted, "I'm not going to hurt you honey." he puts his hands up in the air while slowly spinning around the room. No bulge where a gun would be, no clear indication that he is armed. No. He could be hiding a knife. This is a stranger who broke into my home. Be alert. He comes closer towards the closet. This is it. I have my bat in hand ready to take my first swing. The door slowly opens. As if second nature I take the first swing missing his head by an inch breaking the closet door. He backs up, alert and taken by surprise as I kick my foot up and hit him on his chest. I round my bat up again and swing, preparing not to miss as he shouted in tears "Penelope! Please, this is a misunderstanding. Please." A woman comes barging in the room mid swing with a gun pointed straight at me. I drop the bat right on his leg and put my hands up. "POLICE! STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE." they show up? "I can explain," "ma'am I said do not move!" I stopped and just tried to follow their instructions. The man gets up and starts to walk towards me "Stop him he is going to hurt me." The woman cop turns her gun towards him then back at me and shoots me. Everything was getting fuzzy. I can see the man hovering over me. All I could hear was "She is all yours." as everything turned pitch black. ________________________ Answer 3 Forget this. I refuse to be scared. This guy wants trouble? Then he is going to get it. I remember where I placed my old bat and grab it. Quickly i place myself behind the door as the man enters. I slam the door on his face making him shout in pain as I hit his leg with my bat. I place my foot on his chest when he fell and calmly asked him "Who the hell are you and what do you want?" I place the bat on his throat making it clear that I don't want any trouble but will hurt him if necessary. "Penelope?" he choked "My name is not Penelope. Why are you here?" I motioned for the man to stand up. Glass shattered as he got up. I quickly look back to see that someone broke the window. As Iook back the man grabs me from behind blindfolding me and muffling my screams. Everything went black. _____________________ Thank you for reading. Part 2 will be uploaded next Sunday. I promise things will get creepier and scary as it goes on. ?

Story is told by Mayuu♡




sorry theres going to be a delay on part 2. it will be uploaded Tuesday! sorry again some things occured.

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Thank you ghostcat ? I am happy you enjoyed it :3

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That was great! I love how you can choose what to do great job!?