Do you ever get the feeling that when you walk, you're never alone. This tale is made up, but could be very, very real. Back in the fall of '68, Maxwell Thompther was in Vietnam with the CIA. There was an investigation into some sightings of weird beings. He was assigned to a team going to a camp just across the border in Laos. He got on a plane to Vietnam after a long bus trip from Arizona. After landing in Saigon, a Huey was waiting for him. His teammate, Jackson, introduced himself: "Welcome to Vietnam, we got to get back to camp for the briefing." "Thanks. So what's the mission?" responded Max. "I don't know the details, just that we're investigating some strange sightings of some weird creatures. Might be related to those weird rumored test in the North," said Jackson. After landing, they went to the briefing. The squad leader said: "Ok, men. We're going to go collect some data near the DMZ where the rumored tests happened. Everyone get some sleep. Remember, we are leaving late tomorrow." At about 6:00 p.m. the next day, a lady from a nearby village ran up to the perimeter with a child in her hands. More people can running as the lady screamed in Vietnamese: "Please help, they're coming, let us in!" The women and the rest of the people were bitten in their shoulders by some type of beast and dragged into the jungle as they screamed. "Get to the perimeter! Watch your sectors!" yelled the squad leader. The creatures bust through the jungle after a long five seconds. They were ragged, their clothes ripped and faded. They had glowing yellow eyes and ripped skin. Their noses were gone, and their nails and teeth were sharp and big. They were the size of humans, with clothes of all kinds, from civilian to what looked like..... American military clothing? The creatures charged the perimeter, running oddly. Max looked to his left to see a Marine get ripped to shreds. His jugular vein was ripped from his throat as he struggled to get lose from the beast. It stared down Maxwell. Maxwell fired his M16 at the beast as he ran, but it didn't flinch. The machine guns thumped away at the creatures, but they didn't budge either. Jackson hit one in the head, taking it down, but he couldn't tell anyone else to do the same over the gunfire. The sound of rotor blades roared as the squad leader said: "Everyone get to the helicopter, now!" As Max and Jackson ran towards the Chinook, a squad of F4 Phantoms went on standby to wipe the base. The helicopter began to take off, but the pair was still on the ground. "We need to leave, go, go, go!" yelled the squad leader. Maxwell jumped on to the ramp, Jackson lagging behind. "Grab my hand!" Maxwell screamed. Jackson jumped, but missed. The creatures engulfed him. "No! Jackson!" screamed Max through tears. Jackson's screams echoed through the valley as they left to Saigon. And the Jungle still lives to this day.

Story is told by TheDarkOperator


I might make something similar in a more modern setting. Thanks for the feedback!


Interesting! But maybe a little more description of the creature? Coz now it's more like sci-fi or tell about predator ?


This is my first story, hope it was good