Read the part 1 She decided to go outside as she was wearing her shoes she saw a girl in abandoned house it was all perfectly fine there the girl invited Alicia to her house she said they were newly moved there Alicia finally decided to go there when Alicia stepped in the abandoned house the girl welcomed her and introduce to her mother the lady Alicia saw before She also greeted her .Alicia went to girl's bedroom what she saw she lost her mind there were different rotting corpses and dry blood the girl gave Alicia a rotten heart to eat Alicia began screaming for help but there is no one for her the lady and girl clutched Alicia from neck they both formed a monstrous creature with no eyes just socket and blood everywhere they began to cut Alicia body in half by their teeth they were enjoying Alicia 's flesh and blood oozing out of her body and other organs in front of her eyes then they take her eyes ? out and her heart and put safe in a jar for another feast Do you know who is next feast ????? You the reader you are next she traps you for your heart ❤ now you are are rrrrrr next

Story is told by scary one


I liked the story, not the spelling.