One day a girl named Alicia was heading towards home from school the route was often bit long but that day Alicia felt uneasiness due to the cold chilling winds.Her family recently bought a new house everything is fine there the re ball and attic are perfectly renovated the neighborhood was also humble but the only problem is that Alicia room window facing towards an abandoned house which has many rumours about ghost and other paranormal experience and they are living happily until Alicia feels creepiness about that building but she pretends to be all right and didn't inform her fear about that building she is coming back from school and her eyes suddenly put on that building she was shocked to see that the house was no more abandoned because she saw a lady and her daughter facing directly towards her she thought someone started for live there she go home went to her room to change her clothes after being fresh she went downstairs for lunch and she headed towards home she was very because she had found a friend of that house in her thoughts she was that house and saw complete darkness she was bit confused for what she saw Stay tuned for part 2!

Story is told by scary one