When I was 12 I kept having dreams of an old man he always talked to me,he was like a friend to me in my dreams and since I was to afraid of everything I never really wanted to talk to anyone except him,if you were probably a dark kid you would already know some rituals and I was a dark kid I knew how to summon him when my mom left home at 9p.m I decided to summon him,nothing happened until I hear my radio play one song "You've got a friend in me" I got a bit shaken by this and that's when I heard someone breathing heavily down my neck I turn around to nothing but darkness when I hear one word "We'll be friends forever if you follow me" I then ran into my closet and that's when I feel a boney hand grab my shoulder I pushed his hand off my shoulder and I ran when I looked back he was a tall figure with a grin going from ear to ear with boney hands I ran downstairs and thank God my mom was home I told her everything she believed me cause she had the same dreams like me when she was a kid Scariest part is that The Old Man was my uncle who tried killing me and my mom

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Creepy when someone chasing you in dreams